Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Must-Read Books for Software Engineers

Here are the CodeBuild selection of must-read software engineering books. Books are grouped according to their content with some description.

  • Reference Books
These Robert C. Martin and Gang of Four books are very fundamental OOP resources for every software engineer.

  • Coding Perfection
These Steve McConnell, Robert C. Martin and Joshua Bloch books are very helpful with increasing your coding skills.


  • Refactoring and Patterns
Refactoring and patterns are very important issues of OOP, which brings quality and maintainability. These Martin Fowler and Joshua Kerievsky books are maybe the best references about this issue.


  • Pragmatic Programming
Andrew Hunt's and David Thomas's "pragmatic" approach to programming brings very important viewpoints to software engineering.


  • Project Management
There are many project management books in the market but  Frederick P. Brooks Jr. and Tom DeMarco presents very impressive important viewpoints to project management.



  1. We have very common list of books - look here

  2. Good list... I would add a category for Motivation and add Chad Fowler's Passionate Programmer to the new category.. Or maybe just include it under the "Pragmatic Programming" category... Either way IMHO it is an important book to read for someone serious about a career in the software development world.

    1. Thanks for your addition. It looks like another good book.

  3. Great list CB. By the I have also shared my list of best Java programming books, let me know how do you find it.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful list of books and I will sure read two here that I have not. I do have to point out that there is a book by pragmatic that takes the cake, and I think should be read first before any of the other ones. It's Pragmatic thinking and learning.

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    Good one!! thanks for sharing such useful information.