Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Selection of Successful Software Engineering Posts (2011)

This selection contains 25 blog posts selected by CodeBuild which were placed on DZone in 2011.

Producer and Consumer Pattern in Java
Quick Tip for Improving Java Apps Performance
JUnit Tutorial 2
Clientside Improvements in Java 6 & 7
Java Productivity Report 2011 (India vs Rest of the World)
Be a Better Java Programmer - A Reading List
Method Size Limits in Java
Why I Choose Java?
Best Practices List in Java
Lessons in Software Reliability
Music Components in Java Effects
WWW: World Wide Wait - A Performance Comparison

Software Engineering & Practices
The Principles of Good Programming
A Detailed Study on Understanding Code
Making Better Software - Forget New Features
Making Code Easy to Understand What Developers Want
Things to Remember When Doing Code Review
The Seven Phases of Introducing Continuous Integration

The Most Important Man in Tech Dies Last Week…It wasn't Steve Jobs.
The Top 10 Attributes of a Great Programmer
Build Facebook Bot in 2 Easy Hours
30 Free Programming E-Books
Signs That You're a Bad Programmer
A Complete List of All Major Algorithms (300)
10 Android Articles/Tutorials